Endeavor 3D offers engineering and design services to support our clients additive manufacturing efforts. We provide engineering services for parts and components, product design, prototyping and assistance with molds, tools, fixtures and other manufacturing aids.

Along with its engineering expertise, Endeavor 3D can assist with material selection, coordinate multiple suppliers, and facilitate the production and assembly of all components.

Design & Engineering Services

How can our additive manufacturing services help you win?

Personalized quoting

We don’t auto-quote. we offer a consultative approach for your project to determine the best result. We  personalize every quote and provide dedicated staff to your project.

Design Optimization

Submit your CAD files for review. Our engineering team will review, assist or improve designs for optimal performance and results.

Batch Production

We specialize in production parts, so we identify ways to eliminate bottlenecks and extra costs with batch production designing and planning.

3D Scanning

3D scanning 3D digital models from real-world objects and has a wide range of applications including historical preservation, reverse engineering, and quality control, in addition to enabling additive manufacturing.

Reverse Engineering

Ask about our reverse engineering capabilities and 3D scanning. If  the 3D file doesn’t exist or the tools are no longer available, we can help!

Consultation and guidance

Struggling on a new product design? Lead time too long  with traditional production method? We can help and provide guidance  for your next project to exceed expectations, hit deadlines and reduce costs.

How Endeavor 3D Adds More Value


Our expert engineering team will assist with designing, customizing, and optimizing parts using an array of materials that meet your requirements.


Endeavor 3D is ISO 9001-2015 certified, focused on high-quality output and continuous improvements.


We offer the most sophisticated additive manufacturing technologies, materials, finishing, and dyeing platforms available.

Questions and Answers

How can design services help you succeed with additive manufacturing?

Digital 2D drawings (such as .dwg files) can be converted into 3D files using CAD software packages that we have in house. Hard copies of 2D drawings or PDF scansrequire the drawing to be recreated inside our CAD software. If you do not have access to a 3D CAD software package, this is a service that we provide.

DfAM allows us to take full advantage of additive manufacturing and implement generative design, topology optimization, and rapid iterability benefits to your product development or production process. Endeavor 3D provides technology to take the power of digital design and pair it with the material properties comparable to traditional manufacturing with better lead times and part performance.

It depends. If there are simple changes that need to be made in order to optimize the part, we will address that for each individual project. For larger and more complex projects, we will consult with your engineering team and determine the best course for design, production, processing, distribution, etc

With Endeavor 3D you get QualitySpeedFlexibilityAffordability

Endeavor3D is a leading-edge, digital, and automated factory. Built to deliver quality, speed, cost, and flexibility, our capabilities are empowered by some of the industry’s most advanced additive manufacturing systems.