Commitment to Quality

Endeavor 3D is a 65,000-square-foot advanced manufacturing center equipped with the most sophisticated and industrial additive manufacturing solutions, quality control systems, and laboratory equipment. By combining our experienced quality control team with a state-of-the-art quality assurance laboratory, you can be confident that every part is thoroughly inspected.

Reduce Risk and Increase Profitability

Endeavor 3D takes the guesswork out of making parts

“E3D’s complete suite of quality assurance processes and tools enables a consistent standard with metal and polymer 3D printing. Real-time process control and inspection reduces costs and improves quality. Errors are detected in real-time, which reduces cost and waste while maximizing throughput.”

– Hughston Young, Quality Manager, Endeavor 3D

Collaborating with Industry Leaders

Our Quality Control Equipment

  • Keyence VL-500 3D Scanner/CMM 
  • Keyence VR-6000 Optical Profilometer 
  • Keyence VHX7000 Microscope 
  • X-Rite MetaVue V3200 Non-Contact Spectrophotometer 
  • Instron Ceast 9050 Impact Tester 
  • Granudrum Particle Size Vertical 
  • SUV – W161 Accelerated Weathering Chamber 
  • Micro Trac Particle Size Analyzer 
  • Ohaus Analytical Scales 
  • Instron 5Kn Tensile Machine 
  • MTS 50Kn Tensile Machine 
  • Phase II Rockwell Hardness Tester 
  • Leco CS744 Carbon Analyzer  

Before any parts leave our facility, our QC team visually inspects them for minor, major and critical part defects. As part of our commitment to quality, our goal is to meet and exceed customer requirements. To check dimensional accuracy, we use various hand tools along with our Keyence VL-500 3D scanner which has an accuracy of up to 0.0004″ and up to 16 million data points per scan. 

Calibration equipment and trained labor are costly, but at Endeavor 3D we ensure that all of our laboratory equipment is calibrated at the beginning of each week. We have spared no expense to ensure that our laboratory staff has all the necessary resources needed to ensure that our equipment is functioning at peak efficiency and repeatability. 

Endeavor 3D delivers consistent, high-quality, and in-spec additively manufactured parts. We are committed to customer satisfaction and process improvement. Utilizing state-of-the-art quality control hardware, job management software, and advanced laboratory systems, Endeavor 3D commits to quality production parts and continuous process improvement. 

Visual Inspection

Our product inspection journey begins early in the production phase. At E3D once your parts have been depowdered we perform in-line inspections for all orders following ISO 2859 General Inspection Level II with an AQL level of 1.0. 

In the final inspection phase, we inspect 100% of the parts produced for cosmetic defects. Our customers can rest assured that ALL of their ordered parts have passed through a 24-point defect inspection! 

Your Partner for Innovative Design and Engineering Solutions


Our expert engineering team will assist with designing, customizing, and optimizing parts using an array of materials that meet your requirements.


Endeavor 3D is ISO 9001-2015 certified, focused on high-quality output and continuous improvements.


We offer the most sophisticated additive manufacturing technologies, materials, finishing, and dyeing platforms available.

The Future of Reverse Engineering

Unlock a new era of innovation with the use of reverse engineering and digital manufacturing. Companies are using this powerful synergy to expedite design iterations, accelerate innovations, and unlock proven geometries.

Check out our FREE white paper to learn more about how Endeavor 3D’s expertise and digital manufacturing tools are being leveraged for hardware reverse engineering.

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Question and Answers

How can design services help you succeed with additive manufacturing?

Endeavor 3D is a member of the HP Digital Manufacturing Network, indicating that we have gone through rigorous quality certification protocols to deliver the highest quality part output. In addition, our polymer production business is ISO 9001-2015 certied.

Before any parts leave our facility, our QC team visually inspects them for minor, major and critical part defects. As part of our commitment to quality, our goal is to meet and exceed customer requirements. In order to check dimensional accuracy, we have various handtools as well as a Keyence VI-500 3D scanner, CMM with an accuracy up to 0.0004″ and up to 16 million data points per scan.

By using CPK or Statistical Process Control cubes and other designs, we can monitor the printer performance and stay within customer requirements and specifications. For example, we strive for a CPK range of 1.13 – 1.33 for automotive requests and will exceed that number for other projects with higher thresholds, such as healthcare and medical device development.

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