Medical hardware is a rapidly evolving industry.

Patients are seeking convenient, personalized care and with the rise of digital technology, they’re using mobile apps, wearables, telemedicine, and other tools to manage their health. Manufacturers need solutions to help them develop new medical devices, consumables, and services that are personalized for each patient.


Endeavor 3D removes barriers that impact client profitability. Our capabilities and expertise are ideal for medical applications. Engineers trust Endeavor 3D to deliver high quality parts that meet exacting industry standards. We offer state-of-the-art technology, and add value by pushing boundaries. Get quality, speed, flexibility and affordability, with Endeavor 3D.

Our Features, Your Benefits

How can our additive manufacturing services help you win?


Accelerates product development (prototyping), improves speed-to-market, enables just-in-time and “on demand” applications

Detailed Accuracy

Utilize thinner walls, enables production of small, highly detailed parts and ensures that tolerances meet specifications

Smooth Finish

High-quality finished parts look professional, parts can be embossed/debossed

Design Freedom

Eliminates support  improve part design, assists with lightweighting, enables complex parts and integrated assemblies

Low Part Cost

 Highly cost effective at low to medium quantities.Bring more new products to market more quickly and with less risk

Choose Your Color

Color gets attention, differentiates, and sells. Utilizing color in finished parts can increase functionality and value

How Endeavor 3D Enhances Value

It takes more than technology to provide a complete solution.


Our engineers assist with designing, customizing and optimizing a part for 3D printing (DfAM) using an array of materials that meet your specific needs.


Endeavor 3D is ISO 9001-2015 certified, focused on high-quality output and continuous improvements.


Our facility offers a wide array of additive manufacturing technologies and materials, and the expertise to deliver maximum value for you…our customer!

With Endeavor 3D you get QualitySpeedFlexibilityAffordability