PA 12 White vs. ULTRASINT® TPU01 Prosthetic Boot

Nylon PA 12

Nylon PA 12 is a highly versatile material ideal for medical applications due to its exceptional strength, chemical resistance, and biocompatibility. Leveraging Multi Jet Fusion technology, PA 12 offers precise, reliable, and durable solutions for creating medical devices and components. Its low moisture absorption make it an excellent solution for producing medical boots, ensuring both patient comfort and product longevity.

Medical Applications:

»  Surgical Guides

»  Medical Housings and Enclosures

»  Dental Models and Molds

»  Medical Boots, Braces, and Splints

»  Prosthetics

Nylon PA 12 Properties

PropertiesTest MethodMetric
Tensile Strength (MPa)ASTM D63848 MPa (XY), 48 MPa (Z)
Elongation at Break (%)ASTM D63820% (XY), 15% (Z)
Flexural strength (@ 5%, MPa)ASTM D79065 MPa (XY), 70 MPa (Z)
Heat Deflection Temperature (@ 0.45 MPa, 66 psi)ASTM D648 Test Method A347°F (XY), 347°F (Z)
Heat Deflection Temperature (@ 1.82 MPa, 264 psi)ASTM D648 Test Method A203°F (XY), 223°F (Z)
Particle size (μm)ASTM D345160 μm

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BASF ULTRASINT TPU is a highly flexible and durable thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) material. TPU offers superior elasticity and resistance to abrasion and wear. Utilizing Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) technology, TPU enables the creation of intricate, patient-specific medical devices and components with remarkable precision. Its biocompatibility and excellent mechanical properties ensure comfort and longevity, making it ideal for medical boots and other custom-fit solutions.

Medical Applications:

»  Prosthetics

»  Orthotics

»  Tubing and Catheters

»  Surgical Instruments

»  Wearable Medical Devices

BASF TPU Properties

PropertiesTest MethodX-DirectionY-Direction
Tensile Strength (MPa)DIN 53504, S297
Elongation at Break (%)DIN 53504, S2280150
Tear Resistance (kN/m)DIN ISO 34 - 1, A2016
Flexural Modulus (kN/m)DIN ISO 1787575
Hardness Shore ADIN ISO 7619 - 18888
UL FlammabilityUL 94HBHB
Melting Temperature (°F)ISO 11357 (20 K/min)248302
Rebound Resilience [%]DIN 535126363


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