Job Summary: A 3D Printer Specialist is a skilled individual who specializes in the additive manufacturing industry. Mainly use computer-aided design (CAD) to design and map the product being manufactured which is done layer by layer. You should understand how all 3D printer parts work, be knowledgeable in 3D modeling, coding, materials science, and more. You should exhibit strong attention to detail to ensure objects get finished correctly.
As a Key Employee will maintain regular and punctual attendance. You will receive specialized training, learn about, and contribute to Confidential Information and contribute to the Company’s establishing of substantial goodwill and competitive advantage. This non-public information will include without limitation information relating to manufacturing processes, proprietary techniques, customers, prospects, contacts, supply chain members, sources, processing, post processing, equipment, product specifications, formulations, know-how, strategies, trade secrets, production data, problems, raw materials, quality control procedures, existing and proposed products, prototypes, developmental or experimental work, designs, automation methods, software, layouts, controls, costs, margins, inventories, supplier arrangements, discoveries, research, inventions, workforce, employee handbooks, manuals, training materials, non-disclosure and contractual agreements.
  • Oversee the printing process from digital file receipt to post processing and distribution of finished product
  • The receipt and handling of digital assets and setup/ operation of SLA, FDM and MJF printers
  • Provide input on ways to streamline the printing process, performing printer finishing tasks like sandblasting or polishing, and collaborating with production personnel to institute new work processes
  • Understand how all the components of this technology work, especially if the printer needs repairs
  • Assist with maintaining the overall production environment, such as cleaning or repairing the 3D printers
  • Program/operate Systems
  • Operate, control, and optimize multiple Additive Manufacturing processes from CAD file to finished part
  • Perform all functions related to machine turnaround and preparation, including communication and scheduling with maintenance vendors
  • Offer guidance, as required, to junior level technicians regarding basic daily operations and functions
  • Support, Orient, Print, Clean, Cure and Inspect 3D printed objects following internal processes and procedures
  • Maintain records and report progress daily on production of 3D parts
  • Help align resources, including other printing individuals, to accomplish tasks and orders
  • Communicate with design and engineering regularly to ensure deliverables have been scaled accurately and delivered to print queue correctly as well as any edits you will need to make for printability
  • Give input on challenges and improvements
  • Control and maintain the physical 3D Printing Room
  • Forecast Material supply needs based on project scopes
  • Ensure material orders are placed and received in a timely manner in accordance with production schedules
  • High School diploma or GED.
  • 1 year of similar experience
Physical Requirements:
  • The employee is required to stand for extended periods of time
  • Ability to lift 40 pounds frequently
  • Stoop/bend/kneel/crouch/balance on an occasional basis
Work environment:
  • In-plant only – no remote
This job description may not be inclusive of all job duties, responsibilities, or aspects of the job described, and may be amended at any time at the sole discretion of the Employer.