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Why Endeavor 3D?

Endeavor 3D is a manufacturing company that prioritizes quality, responsiveness, and end-to-end support throughout the entire design, prototyping, production, packaging, and fulfillment process. We are the fastest growing 3D printing contract manufacturer in the United States with room to grow and the ability to take on any sized project. From 10 to 10,000 parts, our engineering and production specialists are equipped with polymer and metal additive technologies and a state-of-the-art quality assurance laboratory that is second-to-none. We commit to quality, the Endeavor Way.

Endeavor 3D has the largest multi-jet fusion 3D printing capacity in the southeast United States and the full suite of polymer materials that includes Nylon PA 12, Nylon PA 11, TPU, and the latest addition, Nylon PA 12 White. In addition, our recently added metal jet systems produce Stainless Steel 316L and 17-4PH. We are uniquely equipped to service a wide range of parts, including complex one-offs, prototypes, production, and more. As small as ____ and as large as _____. We invite you to visit our Work Portfolio to learn more.

Endeavor 3D services a wide range of industries and specializes in manufacturing for industrial applications and production projects. Located in the southeast US, we focus on the key industries that impact our region. Notably medical, automotive, packaging, consumer products, and aerospace. We operate as a design and engineering house that prides itself on taking the difficult projects that no one else can.

Capabilities and Certifications

Endeavor 3D is a contract manufacturer that specializes in polymer and metal additive manufacturing design and production services. In addition, we offer a complete suite of post processing capabilities (vapor smoothing, dying, etc.) and boast the most expansive quality assurance laboratory on the east coast. When approached with new projects outside of our current capabilities, Endeavor 3D works with a network of partners that support injection molding, CNC machining and laser cutting services. We are equipped to produce, partner or advise on any manufacturing project.

    • Nylon PA 12 Dedicated 5210 MJF Printer
    • Nylon PA 11 Dedicated 5210 MJF Printer
    • TPU Dedicated 5210 MJF Printer
    • Nylon PA 12 White Dedicated 5210 MJF Printer
    • Stainless Steel 17-4 Dedicated S100 Metal Jet Printer
    • Stainless Steel 316L Dedicated S100 Metal Jet Printer 
    • Finishing & Surfacing 
    • Dyeing
    • Vapor Smoothing

Absolutely. We offer industrial grade polymer and metal materials that can be used for a variety of production applications. Instead of expensive tooling, injection molding and other conventional methods, we are able to 3D print parts on-demand and get them to you faster than ever before. Learn about our materials.

Nylon PA 12, Nylon PA 11, TPU Flex, Nylon PA 12 White, Stainless Steel 1704PH, Stainless Steel 316L. Learn more about our materials.

We offer the full suite of DyeMansion post processing technologies that include tumbling, surfacing, vapor smoothing and dyeing. We are the premiere partner in North America and one of the few locations capable of producing custom colors for your next project. Learn more about post processing at Endeavor 3D.

Endeavor 3D’s 65,000 square foot manufacturing facility  is ISO 9001: 2015 certified and compliant. Our commitment to quality states: Endeavor 3D delivers consistent, high-quality, and in-spec additively manufactured parts. We are committed to customer satisfaction and process improvement. Utilizing state-of-the-art quality control hardware, job management software, and advanced laboratory systems, Endeavor 3D commits to quality production parts and continuous process improvement on your behalf.

Additional Services

Endeavor 3D offers polymer and metal additive manufacturing services. Furthermore, our facility is equipped to provide a range of post processing capabilities, quality assurance laboratory systems, and is positioned to be a full-scale fulfilment, packaging, and shipping facility. Learn more about our Quality Assurance Laboratory.

Our in-house design and engineering staff will help design and optimize your files to be 3D printed. We integrate our knowledge of additive design and identify ways to improve designs and maximize functionality.

Good question. Send us the CAD file of the existing part so we can review and assess printability. If there is no CAD data available then we recommend 3D scanning and creating an STL. We can provide guidance step-by-step.

Our 65,000 square foot facility is engineered to be a full-scale production and fulfillment center. Looking for a true contract manufacturing partner, look no further. We provide options for production, storage, packaging, and distribution.

Path to Purchase

We like to start by learning more about your project. Contact us today and a member of our technical team will review your files and provide a project timeline and cost estimate. Once the project is accepted by both parties, Endeavor 3D will invoice accordingly. We are experts at navigating the vendor onboarding so connect us with your accounting team for a smoother transition.

Every project that comes through our doors is carefully reviewed by our engineering team. We pride ourselves on hitting deadlines and producing high-quality parts that are cost effective and very competitive. Using a variety of parameters that include material costs, labor, operations, finishing, alterations, etc. to give you the fairest price possible. Don’t believe us? Send us your quote from a competitor and we’ll beat it.

From 10 to 10,000 parts, Endeavor 3D is equipped to scale production to any volume. We have the capacity and scalability to accept your next BIG project.

You can work directly with your account executive or send us a note at to get your next job up and running.


Our Douglasville, GA advanced manufacturing center is located 45 minutes west of Atlanta and is home to some of the best and brightest engineering talent. Contact Us for more information.

We aim to over communicate. Therefore, we will help set the expectation on project completion and shipment. Depending on the project, we expect to have jobs done within a reasonable timeframe and shipped immediately. Shipping costs estimates are built into the quotes unless specified for expediting.


New to 3D printing? Check out our glossary to get caught up on all the latest industry buzzwords.

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