A Map To Get You Across The Production Bridge

Accelerating the Path to Mass Production through an Additive Bridge Production Strategy

White Paper

Download the full white paper for an inside look at additive manufacturing (AM) for bridge production, connecting the chasm between prototyping and mass production.

In the context of AM, bridge production refers to when an enterprise prints parts in a low-volume initial run, on the road to full-rate production. Bridge production makes the question of prototyping vs. mass production something of a moot point: it is a distinct category insofar as it combines elements of both.

Contract manufacturers can possess the unique competencies to enable effective bridge production. Endeavor 3D, based in the Atlanta area, is an excellent choice owing to its rapid growth, geographic proximity to the US’s most important manufacturing hubs, and expertise in deployment of the HP AM ecosystem, for both polymers and metals.

To help put things in perspective, this paper adopts the priority triangle — cost, quality, and time — and the well-known adage that one must pick two. The white paper describes how effective utilization of AM brings us closer than ever to not having to sacrifice any part of the priority triangle.

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