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Many domestic manufacturers are reshoring their production capabilities and searching for new ways to cut costs and decrease lead times. This paves the way for new processes and technologies that will enable faster product development and just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing solutions. Binder jet Additive Manufacturing (AM) has become a disruptive technology due to the enhanced design freedom and quick iteration benefits. Combine those advantages with the Metal Injection Mold (MIM) process and there are countless ways that the two technologies can complement one another throughout the product lifecycle. In this webinar, Tibor Gyorfi, Metal AM Program Manager at Endeavor 3D, will share his expertise in metal additive manufacturing and why it’s necessary to the future of reshoring production.

We'll also explore:

  • How metal binder jet additive manufacturing works and the design advantages associated
  • Compare and contrast binder jet AM with metal injection molding
  • Discover several successful use cases when both technologies are combined